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Quote 'I'd imagine the downward thrust clearing a considerable area, yet, the 'kool aid' idyllic impression, most of us are likely to entertain in the mind's eye, is of a Moonwalker descending the ladder, making a bootprint at the bottom and uttering: "one small step..." "

You know Hendrik those of us old enough can remember the place and time. I was working for a brewery at the time doing clerical type work I was 18. Here in Australia it was late morning I think so I really should check times but anyway TV in office for first time. Landing happened everyone looked on but nobody left the Eagle so when it came around to 12 o'clock everyone went to lunch across the road to the National Hotel and their 'counter lunches'..

I might be wrong here I would have to check the times but the thing was it went on for so long. I remember I had curried prawns and rice and and a couple of beers.("it went on for so long" not the time at the hotel but the moon walk took so long to happen , I may had more than 2 beers)

Went back to work and it was still going.

Yes and the subsequent moon landings were live streamed for hours.

Now as to weather or not anything was faked well yes I do think some pics were set up.

But the moon landing happened ok. I watched a video of Armstrong tell the story at the CPA in Sydney a year before he died. His description of leaving the moon was very funny. Paper clip stuck into a circuit breaker..


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