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from linked article in OP

Neil Armstrong’s iconic footprint is still there, undisturbed ; there’s no atmosphere, no wind on the moon to blow it away.

On grounds of new information (at the time) regarding levitating Moon particles I argued against probability of the issue emphasized in above quote - couple of years ago on GunpowderForum: [] & [] &tc.


As we prepare for those journeys and beyond, the poop is one more reason we have to go back".

Upon reaching the HollywoodStudio, it's highly likely that it'll no longer be there ;-) Dungbeetles are very effective creatures - in Egyptian culture capable of moving the Sun, in that peculiar reverse mode...

Just last night I watched 'The Armstrong Files' on NationalGeographic (think that was the channel) - remarkable and dedicated man that he was, I wished the accomplishment was not sullied by the subsequent, however not-always-groundless, doubt! Something he said, which lingers in my mind..: talking about the landing approach, he distinctly commented on 'the dust being thrown up' by the descending rocket blast - in great quantity and 'obscuring everything' from vision...
I never followed all the arguments particularly closely, however do seem to recall that sceptics objected on grounds, so to speak, of the abundance of Moon soil present under the Lander (in all those crisp studio photographs ;-) I'd imagine the downward thrust clearing a considerable area, yet, the 'kool aid' idyllic impression, most of us are likely to entertain in the mind's eye, is of a Moonwalker descending the ladder, making a bootprint at the bottom and uttering: "one small step..."

Then (at the risk of placing the subject's relocation to ScienceForum in jeopardy), I contemplate... there was a lot riding on the first mission and for a fleeting moment, suppose it was 'a production :o) what about all the subsequent men on the Moon - surely it could not be a hoax series, comprising several episodes.. eh!?

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