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Hi Everyone!

Obviously we would need to study the viability of such a plan. I propose that This year in America that they not only Pardon a Turkey, but that this Turkeys offspring may go the Moon and Mars, for Testing to see if animals can survive in low gravity and produce non-mutated offspring that could not only provide fresh food but the droppings can be used to produce methane for fuel and other uses.

Obviously on a space station you are not going to grow enough food to support the crew let alone animals. With Moon & Mars bases in caves or above ground with covering to block radiation, we could have huge areas set aside just to produce food for the Humans and Animals if a viable plan.

Which makes it to the moon or mars first, the Chicken/Turkey or the Egg?

Although this is a long term goal possibly, we need to start planning and testing for the possibility that this is Possible, maybe with, no additional help or maybe some issues if found could be dealt with existing or new technology.

Best Regards to Everyone, Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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