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Hi, Laird

Not certain as to why, but Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz) popped into the ole noggin along with a distant memory of a megalithic rock formation that portrayed a very large egg like configuration showing what looked like a carved or formed double helix on it. It actually stood up like the figure in the bottom photo.

The lower illustration (Fig1) also seems reminiscent to the Fibonacci Number and spiral that’s been associated with the Golden Section, plant leaf growths, and some marine life shells as well as that cone like item seen in the hands of ancient figures sometimes called therianthrops or having therianthropic features – part human, part animal.

The lower photo suggests, “The first seven vibrations of the egg of the world,” which might be related to the seven earthen magnetic field lines or magnetic meridians as these lines of force are vectors with an implied direction.

The following helps to demonstrate those seven magnetic elements or Geomagnetic elements that might have something to do with those seven implied frequencies the Dogon somehow refer::


Perhaps that’s what was meant by “[evoked], evoke, evoking, evocation” . . . well . . . you get the idea one assumes, as one uses evoke and its spelling variants as well as synonyms and related words that help place a potential translation in context such as, recall to the conscious mind, for instance, and what that might suggest in context with Dogon tribal culture. After all, humankind is part of this greater subtlety as modern science has termed magnetism. . . And then again I might just as easily have taken off on a tangent and came back to post.

If I may be so bold, what part of your research did this connection to magnetism in spiral motion, inertia, show up? . . .


"Mind like parachute, must be open to function." ~ Charlie Chan - Famous Chinese detective character - Trust, is another matter for whom it is granted.

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