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This is something that I've discovered very recent, from a romanian living in my own city, I think his dad worked for "IAR/Avioane Craiova"". It's called "Pajura" (golden eagle) configuration".

Also known as IAR-121 ("one to one"= one wing joined with the other), is a fictional continuation of the "century generation", a series of romanian aeronautical innovations such as IAR-93, IAR-95/101/S, IAR-99/109/XT, IAR-111...


General characteristics:

-stealth biplane supersonic jetfighter with 4 jointed tips wings in 2 pairs, moved backwards;

-vertical yaw control surfaces "cut to pieces" and hidden between the 4 wings; to be honest, with the 4 wings, the elevons are enough, combined with fly-by-wire to work on the 3-axis but I've kept the vertical surfaces (only the mobile ones are needed, not the entire tail) because in the case of fitting the jet with non-stealthier external weapons pilons, these should be a clear continuation of the yaw surfaces; and they also could be used as air-brakes during landing; needless to say about the fact they are increasing the wings strenght and provide extra "Coanda Effect". And keep in mind that this biplane configuration is perfect also for cargolifters, imagine a C-17 Globemaster III or Airbus-400 without the tall and risky vertical tails; In the case of cargolifters, the lower wings will be expected to based were the lateral landing gear is, but, by removing the back with the vertical/horizontal tail(s), the center of gravity is shifting towards the front, making also possible to move a litle bit in front the 4 jointed tips wings, leaving enough space in the back for the lateral landing gear; another cargo configuration created for allowing enough space for the lateral landing gear could be with positive angle lower wings while the upper wings will have a negative angle;

-inverted turbofan engines with common center-up exhaust shaft/nozzles between the engines (the three thrust vectoring X-31 paddles as the perfect example because the central-up shaft has a triangle transversal section); Also a VSTOL variant is possible if the cold air is pushed through a common central-down shaft towards a nozzle under the airplane;

-hidden intakes between the 4 wings, way back so they will not disturb the stealth design and gaining huge wasted space between the classic intake-turbofanblades;

-since the engines are reversed, the turbofanblades are impossible to be "seen" by the radars, so no more wasted coild/warped "snake like" space inside is needed;

-jagged "owl" leading edge slats, because I've wanted to combine the characteristics of a slow fixed but good lifting wing with a supersonic swept one angles (the delta wings, inspite of the good congifuration, have too much weight), in this way no ridiculous complicated swing wing mechanism is required like in F-14, F-111, B-1 and so on; why should we swing the entire wing when a simple jagged leading edge is enough; ok, I will admit, I don't know how big or small these "teeth" should be, how are they reflected or not by the radars or if they provide an supersonic aeronautical advantage, but if it works for the silent owls (they have special feathers like these), why not ?

All these are seen in the "ALFA variation" while BETA is a similar combo but the engines are not reversed, just the same old boring classic position but with my personal "touch" regarding the intakes.

And a bonus, since the people think the canards are not stealthy at all, I've provided alternative "cut to pieces hidden canards" based on the same "hidden vertical yaw surfaces"(I've used Rafale's nose as example).


What really blows my mind: "biplane stealth with inverted common exhaust engines and hidden between the wings intakes and yaw surfaces"
:) Brilliant! Just brilliant.

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