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The rules of engagement is not just return fire if fired upon. There are other issues that are generally covered...and they don't include mowing down kids who get in the way. There is a difference between defending yourself, and shooting everything that moves.

You see a person firing upon you with a kid running away...Do you call for fire from the mortars on the area or do you fire well placed shots eleminating the threat with small arms? Three round shots is the standard in the army with small arms fire. Using that you are far less likely to cause unneedful loss of life with civillians. Defending yourself is about removing the threat, not blanketing an area with automatic fire with your eyes squeezed shut.

Now, as a soldier, in a country where you are supposed to be protecting the civilians... Your own safety is secondary to mission goal. Should you give up your weapon because someone is holding someone hostage? Of course not, but you SHOULD be doing your best to save the hostage, rather than shooting the hostage so you can kill the hostage taker, even if it means sacrificing self<is why most medals of honor are awarded posthumously>. In Iraq, it is not about protecting yourself...but protecting the Iraqi people who want to be protected <or so they say>. So what is more important, the job or the kids? Personal welfare is secondary in that situation...anyhow who thinks otherwise in any war is deluding themselves.

&quot;A thing must be understood as certain and true in order to be known without any doubt. But for this reason, that finite knowledge had faults and defects in thy design, therefore hast thou been strangled in thine own doubts&quot; (Paracelsus)

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