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This is actually a interesting question. What amount of noncombatant civillian is an acceptable amount in battle. Should you kill one combatant in order to get ten?twenty? A hundred? What is an acceptable ratio? That is a major problem with fire and forget weapons, and automatic weapons. The collateral damage caused by weapons of that nature result in alot of "innocent" lives being lost. To suggest that it is acceptable to kill those children for no better reason than because they are in the way is just saying end justifies means. So why stop there? If it is alright to kill three kids to get four people is also saying that killing three thousand is allright if you kill four thousand. So is it? It is a hard question to ask and comes down to the goal of the people running the war. If it is to bring freedom and democracy to a downtrodden people then no it is not alright. All you are doing is chopping down a tree to save a few limbs. If it is to gain control of oil then it is completely alright, because loss of human life is not important to that goal.
The killing of innocents because you are instructed to is not an excuse. First off, one of the first rules of being a soldier in the US Military is following Lawful Orders...big difference between doing as instructed and following lawful orders. It is your duty as a soldier to reject unlawful orders. As a country that follows the rules of combat according to the Geneva Convention, the USA is required to protect civillians, not kill them. Of course alot of people would argue, "well they aren't following the geneva convention, so we shouldn't have to". That arguement has no bearing on what the US does. Since we agreed to it, it means we should follow it to the letter, that is what should seperate us. If we don't want to follow it, we should withdraw from the Conventions. Anyhow... is a big mess, and something that will always be an eternal thing with war.

"A thing must be understood as certain and true in order to be known without any doubt. But for this reason, that finite knowledge had faults and defects in thy design, therefore hast thou been strangled in thine own doubts" (Paracelsus)

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