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From PR:
>"I brought this incident up a month or so ago, so I'm not sure if you are enraged with this news or just rationalize the murder of innocent people. Maybe its not too late for Iran..."

So, are we here at home supposed to convict these folks of murder, based entirely on media reports? Being enraged aids nothing but hate.

While in-war, it doesn't matter "how" the war started. You imply that if you were a soldier backing up the Iraqi forces who were fired-upon from a dwelling, and returned fire as instructed,,, then out of the house runs 4 men with guns blazing at you,,, and with these men were several children running with them,,, would you actually let these men kill you, all of you, just because the kids were there???

Women and children are unimportant to terrorists and are sacrificed for Allah. The actual "murder" is planned and executed by them, not the Iraqi or coalition forces.

War is hell!


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