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Quite an assortment of views...
I tend to agree with T Bird.
US forces were in Japan for over 20 years before things were stable enough for their officials, law enforcement and military to take over. About 30 years after their surrender, they had the largest shipping industry in the world. They had no oil-wells for us to want.

We are in the 3rd year of the Iraq war,,, in comparison, some 17 years to go. Hence, all the hoopla about getting out of Iraq is exactly that,,, hoopla, 100% political hogwash.

Very closely comparable to Katrina-hoopla.

Global media has set the mood on this war, not the actual war.

IMHO, it was these folks [] who provided the false/flawed, "decoy-intel" to get the US/etc., into Iraq. They were in dire need of "distraction"... They succeeded.
I would suggest they are,,, and have been,,, the central-source of all Islamic terrorist activities. Why? Because the overthrow of the entire "free-world" has been their goal, their quest,,, they are all willing to die, and have their little children die, (and go to heaven) to achieve their ultimate goal,,, global-Islam.
They hide behind inocent women and children in order to kill their "enemy" and to degrade those who survive, as "murderers"... This type of ops was done in Nam, too.

In Nam, we were at war with a "nation". This is not so in the war against terrorism,,, terrorism is not a nation... The Geneva stuff does not apply.
The "free-world" must fight this enemy in the same manner as this enemy
fights against the free-world.

As for Iran, it will be Israel that makes the "pre-emptive" strike, IMHO. They have the legal right to do so, after Iran's threat and the UN will support them... If it comes to that.

The media distortion, since Dubya took office, has been "bought" by the "powers-of-the-Dems" (same as with Katrina) to bash-bush at every turn,,, and it is working pretty well, so far. But... there remains some 40% of the public who have learned to doubt the "heavy-media" and will stand their ground. This Katrina-expose" will enlighten another 20%, if not more.

The only valid-by-evidence conspiracy I have noticed is the Tablighi Jamaat, with OBL as a puppet-of-distraction in support of their agenda.

Just watch what happens with the "border-control" issue, after the event in Canada. Things should start happening a bit faster. And, don't forget to watch how the media handles the whole thing.

Things will certainly get worse, before they get better.


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