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Irans a difficuly reality Jer,

U.S. claims Iran will not be nuclear capable for several years.

If past report is true...[Can be found on the web via search note Dr Paul Williams net interviews and research],
that a working nuclear weapon was found when Israeli's intercepted a Muslim at a check point.
Thought to be a dirty bomb at first,
it was then learned to be an active nuclear weapon carried in a napsack.

If your Israeli intel, you consider that small amounts of nuclear isotope can become a WMD,
that your opponents suicide themselves,
that women and children willingly participate in such activities repeated,
margins it is only a matter of time before the real deal occurs.

I can see Israels concern to not allow any nuclear isotope to be created in Iran.

Iran supports several terror orgs who regularly missile attack Israel.

Israels gov would be assinine to ignore such convergence history and rhetoric.

Its inevitable in my opinion that a nuke or nukes will go off in the mid east in the future.
the resolve is their to use them.

Israel has shown the resolve to pre empt.

so if your you take one on the chin to justify the hammering that ensues later?

or do you prempt?

can you trust the U.S.'s imperative in this,
considering how treacherous Washington has become in this period of time?

Israel wanted to invade Lebanon in 1982, bones about it....they did.
The assassination of their envoy in London gave them the justipose to go.

I think Israel should have invaded Lebanons death cult realms after the Muslims entered an Israeli Kibbutz and machine gunned children in their cribs.

to be sure.....IAF jets and helicopters have killed numerous innocent Palestinians,Lebanese in their opps.
why Muslims store weapons and have weapons factory's in their civic homes or near schools/hospitals is anyones guess.

If your Israel, you continue to pre empt on small scale?

or do you take it to the house as they say,
hope the outcome changes histories evident pattern which evolves against you daily?

The Russians armed the Arabs in the previous mid east wars,
the arabs paraded their arsenals and made rhetoric.

Israel pre empted in some wars.
and some they were attacked.

its the pattern which is unmistakable in my opinion.

you do not have war suddenly,
its nurtured with resolve.

the right of that resolve is for mankind to assay.

Iran is parading and spewing the rhetoric of death.
Israel responds....

In the 1973 Yom Kippur war,
wether Israel was stupid in the headlights,
or was caught offguard,

they were attacked and in chaos from several directions.

Golda Mier is said to have positioned several nukes on IAF tarmacs at the behest of her generals.
is this rumor..or was it just that close back in 1973?

if so.....Cairo,Damascus might be irradiated today with ruined nations.
the outcome...

for having attacked Israel.

If Israel did posess Nukes....and held them in restraint,
thats noble of them in my opinion.
they had the crisis afoot to justify the usage,
and they had the reality of losing the war occuring.

On the Golan Heights in 1973,
the Barak Brigade...various Centurion and Sherman tank Platoons...numbering just 188,
vs Syria's mechanized onslaught.

down to 25 tanks...with repairs occuring to others damaged on the battlefield,
behind the Syrian advance in some cases.

these held the Syrian advance,
Syria made a tactical mistake...stalling its advance.

Israel seized the initiative...allong with support from recently freed up IAF jets seeing action in Sinai.

What occured next is reffed by the Israeli's as the Valley of Tears

IAF Skyhawks and Phantoms dropped Napalm and Cluster munitions on the stalled Syrians.

for hour upon after day.

The Syrian army was slaughtered,
they fled enmass...leaving hundreds of intact tanks and armor idling in the sun till fuel was spent.

the Israelis bombed them all the way back to some Biblical narrative
no quarter was given, was gruesome

I'm alarmed Europe,Russia and China,even Islamic nations,
are so feeble and nonchalaunt about what is occuring in the mid east.

Its like there is a desire for death unimaginable to occur.

Saddam fired 70 + ballistic missiles at Israel in Gulf war 1.
sure...just TNT,
they could have been bio chem,VX etc.

How does Israel brush aside this past reality when Iran says they will nuke Israel and annihilate them?

so ya.....I'm Biased toward Israel.
my Friends who served in the 73 war and 82 in in Lebanon remind me from their personel testimony how the killing gets going and multiplies out of control.
but then..not really,
killing is an artform.
you know exactly what Napalm and cluster munitions are doing when dropped.

Does Evil exist?

Is religion to be blamed here?
Is it just human nature to hate and kill?

"Who is this..........that is killing us"?

A quote from the Movie......A Thin Red Line


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