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The CNN coverage of the interview with 3 children who were present at
the time of the incident in Haditha gave me pause.

One child stated....if the trans to english is correct.

"I want them to be tortured" [This statement from a Girl]

a second girl who gave several testimonies said she covered her ears and she KNEW the bomb [IED] would explode.

CNN comented the girls story altered.....3 seperate statements. is possible the child was mistaken,..or confused.

or.....that breif one liner may be key to why the Marines came toward the houses with such extreme prejudice.

Children are combatants in these mid east conflicts.

Iran sent how many to their deaths...wearing plastic keys [symbolic of entering Heaven].....driving them into minefields before tanks in the Iran/Iraq war.

Palestinian children will approach Israeli check points or where IDF are positioned,
become a distraction..via rock throwing...or firebombs.
as Palestinians with guns and RPG's manuver behind them for a better kill shot.

Children become lookouts and comunication assets.

Israeli ....U.S./Coalition forces see children bolting from positions.
events occur from IED to ambush moments later.

Children are used.......or willing participate in suicide attacks.

This is the face of war....
A constant dynamic in Islamic thinking towards their opponent.

Children are prepped by various socio mediums to perform these actions.
They are not blind to what they participate in.
They are aware......that they hate the enemy.

the young girls statement,
" I want them to be tortured" confirms the premise's listed above.

a week or so back,
a friend sent me a video by Email of a judgement outcome.
The film was in French.....taken in North Africa within the last decade.
it showed a Muslim man being rectally was graphic on par with the Berg beheading.
the onlooking crowd of women and children numbering over 40 watched in a circle,
they clapped and cheered as the man screamed...and was hoisted in the air.

I had trouble sleeping that night...
had those images revisit me for a few days.

such practice has occured in Christian realms historically...lets dispell demonizing muslims only.

reviewing history,.....I am not suprised when massacres occur,...or defined moments of execution in social arena.

A Jet pilot,helicopter pilot can be as animated in combat as the cheering crowds seen in the impaleing.

clearly.....few escape mental scarring or character alteration after participating in war or conflict.

Knowing what capability exists in war/conflict,..we can hypothesis that sides do consider what the outcome will be if they deploy and use such and such a weapon...or tactic.

I see restraint in the history witness.
some battles could have become complete massacres.
many exist...
that restraint occurs margins there is hope for humanity.

Germany bombed Englands cities...
the allies gave the same back......10 fold,.....100 fold.

The U.S. nuked 2 Japanese cities,
in previous months at Okinawa,
Japanese Kamikazes damaged/destroyed some 500 U.S. ships
5000 naval personel were killed.....numerous thousands wounded severly.
on Okinawa...the Japanese military strength of 100,000 fought until less than 4,000 were alive.

The American hypothesis that a mainland invasion by their troops would encure hundreds of thousands of casualties is rational.

That Japan has become such a prosperous nation, such a benefit to mankind post ww-2...and the dropping of the bomb may indicate such transitions occur when a society is utterly broken from an ident..or a power structure rule which walked them into war.

I will not be suprised one day .....should nuclear weapons......nuetronic ordinance be used on Islamic nations or peoples groups.

like WW-2,....the previous pattern of occurences may yeild decision choices which see the use of weapons which will annihilate .

I personally view Iraq and Afghanistan as non legit conflicts.
crime and extortion wars for profit,


I'm not sure one who is threatened by use of atomic weapons can sit while the clock ticks down.
in a moment.....millions could perish.

its you.....or the other guy.

as horrific as it can be,
you pre empt in my opinion.
you will kill myriads of innocents to be sure.

Islam believes it is right in its rhetoric and action.
those they oppose believe the same.

provocation,.....incident occurance/frequency margin the choice to use unmitigated power will occur again.

War is Hell,

some peoples learn from it,

some...only after the unimaginable.

Islam risks Nuclear war in my opinion.
they may experience as the Japanese.

if it should occur,...they will not be removed from culpability.

If you machinate on Death,
you probably get exactly what your mind dwells on.

History will assay wether your struggle was just,

or insane.


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