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"Reasoned violence is what seperates us from the animals and should be used to solve the problem, just treating the symptom. In the case of war, people try to make war a nice event, when it isn't and never has been. When you go to war, you should go to solve the problem...not cater to your emotions. This is why reasoned violence should be one of the last resorts as well."

No animals place themselves in danger for no reason, thus all animal violence has a reason - it is always reasoned violence - mating, feeding, territory, self-preservation - all survival 'instincts' and all good reasons.

Another point is animals don't start wars over beliefs, and it is beliefs that separate us from the animals not reason or emotion. Beliefs are the result of our ability to imagine 'other worlds' (religious or political), they are not real, they are conceptual and, as such, all wars are irrational and unreasonable.

As for taking out a real and present threat to 'you or yours' I have no argument whatsoever but, let's not go chasing shadows and imagined 'threats' to our life and liberty.

Open your heart and see

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