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Yes to the first, yes to the the third, basicly it depends on the person. For me, it involved staying true to my personal honor code. This is what seperates warriors from fighters. A warrior may live for battle, but he has a code of conduct he personally accepts as his own and follows it to the best of his ability. With those without a well defined code of conduct that they themselves live by and accept as thier own, many times they find themselves at a loss for proper action. As with any other tool, violence is something that should be applied with reason, rather than emotion. When emotions take the place of reason in a violent situation, that is where you have typically ordinary individuals reacting with excess cruelty. This is something alot of people do not understand or ignore. This is especially true in the heat of the moment where you get "crimes of passion". To properly apply violence with the best benefit, reason must first be used to track out the desired effects. This is one thing that the US military lacks in it's training at all levels. When you train people to follow orders without thinking for themselves, you end up with people put into situations without orders that they haven't been trained to reason thier way through. Thus you end up with people following thier passion and rage and doing something that is not part of the overall goal. The US military branches each have thier little codes of conduct that they enforce upon those in the various services. These codes of conduct while well thought out in alot of cases...are completely useless from the standpoint that the soldier first must accept that code as true and as a part of thier warrior code. Which is not the case in the majority of soldiers. Anyone can quote a platitude, but you must understand that platitude in order for it to be of value.

Now alot of people would say that violence is not a solution to any problem or as many people like to say,"violence never solved anything", but this is not true. Violence applied with emotion never solves anything. Violence applied with reason does solve problems. An example would be your family is threatened by an individual with a gun who intends to kill them. So you manage to take away the person's gun and call the cops while holding the person til they arrive. According to law, this is the proper course of action. Did this solve the problem? Of course not, the individual in all likelyhood is now in a short time period able to do the same thing to another family, or worse come back and have thier revenge upon you. So why call the cops? There are several reasons, the first one being some people not wanting to kill another person due to feelings of guilt or religious views. This is an emotional obstacle that does nothing in solving the problem. The second reason would be due to fear of repurcussions of the law should they kill this obvious dangerous threat to them and theirs.
A fear of going to prison for using unwarranted deadly force. Fear is an emotion as well, and this is not a reason any more than the first. The third would be that they percieve the individual as mentally deranged and in need of help. This is the most dangerous of all of the reasons. Sympathizing with a deadly threat is the best way to get yourself killed because it causes hesitation in face of reason. The proper move in my estimation is to remove that person immediately. While this may cause personal hardship, the sacrifice of the one for the many is far more laudible and necessary than most other solutions. A person who threatens deadly harm on you and yours is still a threat regardless if you remove his gun. Now all situations are different, but this pacifist attitude in people is the cause of so many problems in today's society. Reasoned violence is what seperates us from the animals and should be used to solve the problem, just treating the symptom. In the case of war, people try to make war a nice event, when it isn't and never has been. When you go to war, you should go to solve the problem...not cater to your emotions. This is why reasoned violence should be one of the last resorts as well.

Now in saying this, you should also be aware of the fact that the most proficent killers use reasoned violence to attain thier goals. This is why they are some of the most successful in thier endevours because it does indeed solve problems. In order to defeat people who follow those goals you must use the same reasoned approach, else you just allow the problem to continue along to another generation. Holding back in a fight just gives your opponent time to breathe, then defeat you. Anyhow...I am positive that most people will disagree vehemently with what I have written just now, but that doesn't make it any less true. People unwilling to give their all will lose. Those who believe in pacifism require others to do what they themselves will will not do in order to survive...which is just violence by proxy...anyhow...

"A thing must be understood as certain and true in order to be known without any doubt. But for this reason, that finite knowledge had faults and defects in thy design, therefore hast thou been strangled in thine own doubts" (Paracelsus)

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