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SunSword wrote:

> So -- people who are trained to kill and break things are now
> accused of killing civilians. Duh. That is what insurgency
> warfare is -- civilians fighting formal military units, and
> innocents being killed, raped, and tortured. This behavior goes
> back to the neolithic at least. Who is surprised?

Perhaps the moral of the story is not to let your leaders take your fighting men and women into false wars?

> Regardless of political position, who is surprised that
> warriors kill? Is anyone on this board surprised that "war
> crimes" are occuring in Iraq? They have occured in every war in
> history that I know of of...I don't think people today in
> general are any more "advanced" than our brute knuckle dragging
> ancestors. We are a murderous species.

I brought this incident up a month or so ago, so I'm not sure if you are enraged with this news or just rationalize the murder of innocent people. Maybe its not too late for Iran...

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