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Hi PR,

> As an American, I didn't vote for the guy. I clearly believe
> Al Gore or not, we would still be facing the same problems
> today.

It's hard to say. Gore wouldn't have been sitting in a classroom while the US burned around him on 9/11. "

The US burned around him, Eh? Actually, it was only NY and Dc, but why let facts get in the way of a good rant......

"They wouldn't have attacked Iraq either."

Actually, there was a unanimous decision within the Senate to attack Iraq, John Kerry you really believe this was all Bush's doing? Then how do you explain the unanimous decision to use force to disarm and remove Saddam, from both republican and democrat?

"He forgot to add the line "and we will fabricate every piece of evidence we present so that we can build a case that makes our wars of aggression justified. And we are above all laws."

Um, no. He said " we will not wait for France, Germany, Russia and China to give us the ok to remove a big threat to our existence." Period. Fabrication was unecessary, as the UN had already proved everything we were whining about. Just ask Hans.

"This was great doublespeak. Spreading "freedom and democracy" is such a crock of you-know-what nowadays that it's totally lost it's original meaning. "

Oh really? Spreading "freedom and democracy" is such a crock is it? Are you aware that much of the world yearns for this crock? Are you willing to forgo you're "freedom and democracy" in the name of Saddams appeasers? Do you think Iraq is better off with Saddam in power?


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