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Hi Steve,

"how can a government who actively supported Saddam in the war with Iran, not be as culpable as any of the others on your list?"

Are you trying to say the US is just as bad as Saddam? Do I have to explain the whole "cold war" thingy again? I didn't think so.

"I was not 'for a war on Saddam'."

Then you were for appeasing a man who was continuing to torture, rape
and murder his own people in the name of 'peace'. How many Iraqis did you ask about this?

"We, as a nation, were informed by our government that we were under imminent threat of attack from Saddam's WMD's. "

If that's how you saw it, then good for you. That's not how it was spelled out in the US. I have already quoted Bush multiple times saying that we could not afford to wait for the threat to become imminent. Saddam had already proven he would use these weapons, and supported and harbored international Islamic terrorists. In the US, that's all we needed to know.

"We have problems closer to home with Mugabe and Zimbabwe, part of our Commonwealth."

As I have posted before, Mr Blair eloquently described the reality that if we did not stand up to the likes of Saddam, all of the other threats, for instance Mr Mugabe, would become further emboldened. He was right. The dictators paid very close attention to what happened in Iraq, and if Qaddafis actions are any indication, they all got very nervous.

"People are being oppressed and murdered here, so why wasn't he given the 'Saddam' treatment? I am for the removal of tyrants and despots without any dubious strings attached, or the killing of innocent civilians."

Then you are appeasing them. Do you think Mugabe will step down of his own volition? Why would he? Just like Saddam, he has the money and the power, he has no reason to leave. Only force will remove him. You have stated before that's what responsible nations should do.

"You claim that Saddam wasn't co-operating. He made things difficult but when he realised that he had gone too far he capitulated, offering access for the US' government departments. "

To do what? Go look in empty closets? Saddam was continuing to play the same games he had for years. You were willing to let the Iraqis continue to suffer as long as Saddam promised to play nice. That's appeasement.

"As far as WMD's are concerned, if any are discovered by an independant organisation and proved to be the ones that Saddam was about to unleash on us, then yes, I and many millions of Britains should withdraw that allegation against the PrimeMinister. "

So unless we find a dozen Nerve gas missiles that are aimed directly at the UK, you will not agree with Blairs decision? How about if we find a garage fillied with barrels of anthrax? A warehouse filled with Botulism? Somehow I doubt any of the appeasers will ever be satisfied. That's unfortunate.

"You keep refering to 'we', when you talk about US actions. Are you part of the government?"



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