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Hi Steve,

"the USG were as culpable as any of the weapons suppliers at that time. "

I disagree entirely. France sold them a nuclear reactor for godsakes. Russia was selling them weapons right up until Saddam went looking for a rathole to crawl in to.

"The simple fact that they actively dealt with Saddam makes them as bad as the others you quote."

Again, I disagree. We were the first country to say enough is enough, this man has to go. If we had listened to the other countries, he would still be in power, murdering his own people.

" son has seen the aftermath of these bombs. From what he told me about their deployment, I sincerely question their use so close to civilian sites."

I would agree, but since I don't know the specifics, I will refrain judgement. I agree that these weapons should not be used anywhere near civilian areas, but I also understand the point of these weapons is to destroy battle formations while leaving the surrounding landscape relatively intact.

"Tim, I oppose any regime that creates the kind of environment which causes it's people, or others, unnecessary suffering. I applaud the removal of Saddam and all that he stood for, hope that the impetus is not lost and the removal of others of his ilk will follow. "

Then you were for the war to remove Saddam.

"What put Saddam above all the other despots, who actually have WMD's or the capability to produce them? "

Because we felt removing Saddam would have the added benefit of placing a new secular democratic government right in the heart of the middle east. This would spur change in the region, and already it has. Just ask ole Colonel Qadaffi.

"My country went to war in Iraq because of the specific imminent threat of Saddams WMD's."

That is not how I saw it. If you believe this, that's your perogative, but that was hardly the only reason we went to remove him. His repeated refusal to cooperate with the outside world in terms of disarmament, human rights, and democracy were the reasons given as well.

"This was and remains a lie."

So far. Will you retract this if weapons are found?

"Declaring war on another country on the back of a lie does not sit well with me and I would not have supported such an attack in these circumstances."

Steve, you supported this war if it was for removing a horrible tyrant. Well, that was one of the reasons. The discovery of more banned weapons will only be a bonus. It seems like everyone discounts this fact because of there desire to see Bush as some sort of dastardly villain. Like someone comparing Bush to Saddam, it's just not logical.


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