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To all

Ok, let's try this out. Before this gets too deep into a tit-for-tat debate/argument, in which case nothing will ever be resolved, let's take a step back and try this again. Moderating v. Censoring. Before I get into this let me make sure I understand GH's concerns: Although he wishes for everyone to post their views on GV, he is concerned that some topics such as politics may be causing some posters to denegrate into outright hatred, correct? OK, now comes in his concern for censorship and moderation. Although he wishes egalitarianism on his GVDB he now realizes that some topics might not be suitable because if something aggregious does happen, his name is forever attached to it, regardless if he was directly involved or not. Now comes in the question of moderating. He is probably thinking to himself: "Hmmm, I realize that some topics might not be suitable for a general DB, but some of the threads are down right grotesque in regards to certain topics, should I (A) Remove the GVDB? or (B) Should I set in place certain set of ground rules"? (Because he can make or break his DB).
To the moderators of his DB he goes for recommendations. Removing his GVDB entirely is a quick remedy, but does he want to do it? Most likely not. If he decides to set ground rules in motion, then he is concerned about people running away from posting on his DB, which he really wants to avoid. But alas, he can't have it both ways. This is where it is lonely at the top, you can't please everyone and it is a fact of life. So I am stating that ground rules must be set in motion to avoid the potential disaster of the GVDB becoming a free for all, gloves off discussion board. If it does denegrate into this, then what do you have? I can think of one word: Anarchy on the DB that has the potential of damaging his credibility. This is far worse than upsetting a few people for the sake of setting up ground rules.
The moderators of any discussion board that wishes it to have a decent reputation, especially when they are doing it for a famous or not so famous person, depending on how one looks at it, can be difficult. And it is difficult at times because when a moderator is compelled to remove a posters thread, ban them for a few days or months or worse by having them banned for good, we do not like it. But, it does not stop there for the moderator, we have to endure countless emails that contain threats or ugly remarks. I would like to share with you some of them that I have received, but because I believe in confidentiality, I can't.
Read the rules on the opening page. Rules in and of themselves negates egalitarianism point blank.

I hope this explains it.


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