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I have checked all Government sites and online UK newspapers without success but I found this article, tucked away on page 12 The Mail on Sunday, March 30th.

>>Queen's Gibraltar trip faces veto by Ministers.
by Jonathan Oliver.
Political Correspondent.

The Queen was last night drawn into a political row over Gibraltar, amid fears that Tony Blair is planning to give the British colony away to Spain on the back of the war against Iraq.

Buckingham Palace is drawing up plans for a visit to Gibraltar by a senior Royal to mark the territory's 300th anniversary next year, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

But Ministers are threatening to veto the proposal, fearing it would jeopardise Spain's support for Britain over Iraq.

The row comes as concerns grow that the Prime Minister has been secretly planning to restart negotiations with Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar over Gibraltars future sovereignty. Talks were suspended last year after an overwhelming majority of Gibraltarians voted to stay British.

But Spain is Britains only reliable European ally in the Iraqi conflict, and Madrid is keen to use this new influence in London to exact concessions over Gibraltar.

A Whitehall insider told The Mail on Sunday: "We never said the sovereignty talks were over for good".

Year long celebrations are being planned to mark the tercentenary of the capture of the Rock in 1704 by Admiral Sir George Rooke.

An invitation has been issued to Buckingham Palace for the Queen or Prince Charles to visit the Rock. It would be the first time the Monarch has been to the territory since her coronation in 1954.

Andrew Rosindell, Tory MP for Romford, said: 'Any Government attempt to veto a visit by the Queen to see her subjects should be fiercely resisted'.<<


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