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Hi Davix,
Following is a comment I recently had with another member on this board in which he had mentioned Jungs work, drawing some compatiable simularities to the theories of Zohar. The discussion didn't get into providing any explanations for parapsychological events like telepathy, precognition, and intuition. However, we did touch on comparisons of their ideas and the compatibality of the Vedic Knowledge in relation to an understanding of the mergeance of Physics and consciousness.
I have just posted a topic on Conciousness which I would be interested to have your opinion as I am wondering if what you are mentioning as Synchronicity is similar to or same as....... "Knowingness in Nature...In the basic mechanisms of quantum mechanics, further more, physicists have found specific examples of an inexplicable knowingness, or awareness, an instantaneous communication of, and reaction to, specific information. Somehow, certain aspects of subatomic reality act as if they know things they shouldn't----as if they have immediate access to information, even at a great distance."
I haven't read '' The Celestine Prophecy" so I don't know if there are any paralles in it to the Field of Consciousness. Do you see any?


: Astikapati (
Date: 02-Jul-02 21:23

Hi Ron,

Tho I am unfamiliar with the work of Jung or Freud my sister-in-law has studied Jungs works extensively. She finds the insights of Zohar's theories and Jungs compatible. And also comparative to the mechanics and results of the Transcendental Meditation Technique. It's interesting that they see a mergeance of Physics and consciousness "in a kind of transcendental discipline".

This is also compatible to Vedic Science ( from which the TM Tech. derives) which maintains that there exist one basic field of existence-not many different fields of nature but one UNIFIED FIELD that is infinite, timeless, and transcendental - a field which UNDERLIES and SUPPORTS all other fields (PARTICLES), all the mechanics of nature's functioning. As the same ocean gives rise to all WAVES, so the unbounded, omnipresent field is said to give rise (WAVES) to all the laws of nature that structure our Universe.

The human connection is that human beings bond with this unified field through a fourth major state of consciousness. In Maharishi's explanations of the Vedic wisdom, the human mind can settle down deep within its own nature and directly contact this underlying unified field - by experiencing a unique fourth state of consciousness. This fourth state of consciousness is precisely described and is said to be completely different from the common 3 states of waking, sleeping, and dreaming. As a farmer can drop a well to an underground reservoir, so the human mind can settle down (like the Bose-Einstein display) deep within its own nature and directly experience the unified field.

The Vedic text maintain that, once the human mind begins to attune itself with the deepest level of creation, human nature leaveS behind its apparently fixed status and begins to evolve rapidly. Life starts to become more successful, more coherent, progressive, and harmonious. Mistakes decrease, suffering falls away, and this qualitative improvement builds up over time as the mind begins to experience higher states of consciousness.

It appears to me that the TM Technique is compatible and compariable to your insight that... "Zohar’s model of existence in the human consciousness is that the brain has two interacting systems. Coherency (synchronized jiggling of cell molecules) is accomplished with the Bose-Einstein condensate, which she associates with achieving levels of consciousness via the communication linkage of biophoton activity. The second is a computer-like linkage to the individual neurons of the brain. It is a quantum mechanical model. She believes that this dual system acts as one unit giving us our view on reality without the need of a supernatural realm for science to have to address. Perhaps she is on to at least how we interface with the laws of nature or the consequence of God’s Being."

I always liked Richard ( nobel prize in '65 in physics) Feynmans refreshingly enthusiastic view of the world. He found such pleasure in finding things out.

It should be so, wouldn't you agree?

Hope you enjoy,

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