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Hey Tim,
Glad my possible Christmas mutation gave you a laugh. Do you think I'll get a Sari? Think they are kind of pretty myself....:)))))))))))

On to some replies:
"Do you ever have a conversation with your congregation about TM?"
...........It's not a topic that we concern ourselves with when we are congreated at the Church. Tho outside the Church it's discussed from time to time. Especially when TM was first offered in my hometown. About 40 people( from a variety of Religions + our in resident atheist :) took it at that time. Around here it's not considered a Religion, just a technique to Meditate. And the conversations are in the range of the scientific findings on the technique over the years. Especially the Health benefits. In fact our preacher ( who hasn't taken TM) just suggested it to a woman who has been having alot of stress related health problems! (think he is going to burn in hell for that one? :))))))

" and is not compatible with Christianity. It denies the central doctrines of the Christian faith and asserts the futile Hindu system of monism and maya", where monism asserts that there is "no ultimate distinction between...good or evil, or Creator and creature" (What Everyone Should Know…, p. 87) and maya asserts that "the not what it appears" to be (Apologetics in the New Age…, p. 239)."
.........I take it to mean when said TM is compatible with all Religions, life styles etc., etc. that it does not require conformity or alteration of ones own beliefs etc. Sort of a neutral thing. Perhaps a poor example but like a toothbrush. I just use it to produce a desired result. Didn't come with any instructions of a Religious nature, and doesn't try to change my faith. I mentioned I don't really know what a Hindu is specifically but I did think that the above definition applied to Buddism and Taoism. Are they considered Hindu also?

It is clear that, within the TM movement, the idolatrous pagan rite of the Puja (contrary to Exodus 20:2–5), the failure to see, much less honor, the clear distinction between creature and Creator (contrary to Romans 1:25), and the assertion of the basic goodness of all men (contrary to Luke 11:13) are sufficient proof, but by no means are the only proof, in demonstrating TM's incompatibility with Christianity and its rejection of Christ as the true God, the true salvation and the true hope for mankind. "
............this type of statement has always concerned me whether it is aimed at TM or any other organization or Religion. It projects the tone of "branding" anything that does not fit within the confines of their own beliefs. If the TM technique were a package deal where one had to believe in the Hindu religion/philosopy, adopt certain rituals, and change ones lifestyle to that then indeed it would be information to consider. Especially as in my case a Christian, for if I adopted this technique in such a packaged form then I would indeed no longer be a Christian but a Hindu?

I can only conclude that I got short changed with my TM 'deal' :))) (if it is a Technique as described above) as I am still a Christian , was only taught how to meditate 2x a day, wasn't given any rituals to perform, no dogma or doctrine to beleive in nor any organization to join OR else, it is simply a technique to meditate ?

"I am a firm believer that meditation does not require any adherence to any tradition. But TM clearly lays out specific traditions that are based in Hinduism."
............I agree that Meditation shouldn't require an adherence to any tradition. But what difference does it make where any Meditation Technique comes from or what it is based in as long as one is only adopting the technique and not the whole basis?

"I highly suggest you research in to Hinduism as you will find that the Vedic traditions from TM are definitely rooted in Hinduism, and TM is most certainly a religion." I have to?? :))))) Naw, I'm kidding around. Will add it to the list. But have heard that Hinduism, Buddism, etc, have there roots in the Vedas and not the other way around. That should make for some interesting sorting out :))
I think I'm confused by the following where you say: ( I'll place my comments in capitals, but not shouting.:)

" Meditiation itself is not a religion but a technique, however, I feel as though meditation does not require any specific dogmatic adherence to any Organization in order to utilize it. (SO IF TM IS A RELIGION DOES THIS MEAN IT IS NOT A MEDITATION TECHNIQUE?) One ofmy favorite philosophers, J Krishnamurti, has this to say about meditiation-

"Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life-perhaps the greatest, and one cannot possibly learn it from anybody.( I'D BE CURIOUS TO HEAR THE COMMENTS OF ALL THOSE TEACHERS PAST AND PRESENT WHO HAVE TAUGHT THE ART OF MEDITATION IN ALL THE VARIOUS FORMS...MAYBE WE COULD BE FLYS ON THE WALL FOR THAT ONE TIM :))))) ) That is the beauty of it. It has no technique and therefore no authority. When you learn ( IS NOT LEARNING A TECHNIQUE IN AND OF ITSELF? ) about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealousy-if you are aware of all that in yourself, without any choice, that is part of meditation.( IS NOT THIS WATCHING A PROCESS AND BY ADVISING TO WATCH ONESELF A PRESCRIPTION/TECHNIQUE AND BY HIM GIVING OUT THIS ADVICE TO WATCH MAKE HIM A TEACHER OFTHE TECHNIQUE OF WATCHING?)

So meditation can take place when you are sitting in a bus or walking in the woods full of light and shadows, or listening to the singing of birds or looking at the face of your wife or child."
Above you say Tim, that "Meditation" is but a technique........then you quote KM, " it has no technique" Could you elaborate on this a bit more, I seem to be stuck at this point.

Thanks a bunch,

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