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Hi Jorge

You clearly see thins from the point of view that the first significant form of aggression took place on 911 .
You also seem to take the view that given this position it is reasonable for the US to retaliate in whichever way it saw fit - a life for an eye you say is more effective .
This may equate to the battered wife resorting to the kerosene .

Note that the US tends not to use the legal avenues , but has recently shown a willinglness to go it alone on actions that the international community were not wholy behind - the wife taking things in to her own hands .

You also do not perhaps appreciate the emotions and reasons behind the blatant anti-Americanism . It is not envy of the US that is the prime motive here - it is the perceived callous approach of the US administration .
Many do not think too deepLY about the difference between the US administration and its people - they just have a vague notion of 'the US' .

Look at the perspective of some of those from the ME - if you analyse this you will see the view that the people believe the US to be callously uncaring towards the lives lost in these regions .
It is a western trait perhaps , or perhaps a human trait , that they view the lives they lose as far more importantly than those lost elsewhere .

Hence when the lives of one American is lost in the prison seige in Afghanistan this makes the headlines in the article that features this event in TIME magazine ('300 killed in seige - including one American' - ran the headline - or similar).

Contrast this with the unrepentant attitude which is displayed when other lives are lost - as when the US bombed a wedding party yesterday .

The arrogance of the American spokesman and their hard-line surely evokes anger - Reubens , Richard Perle , Albright etc express this most divisive and anger-inducing of emotions .

Would you care to imagine what emotion Albrights comment evoked when she was asked whether the lives of 500 000 children was worth the price in Iraq ?
She replied that it was difficult but yes the proce was worth it .
If it had been 5 US children I doubt she would have said the same .
Arrogance . Sheer unadulterated arrogance .

This is what gets the blood of Bin Ladens boiling . In fact this sort of arrogance has been creating anger in many for a long time . This is why you saw the celebrations on 911 .
I am not saying it is right . Merely putting things into context .

I think it is difficult for the western mind to comprehend the emotions that result from the punitive sanctions that are seen to be gtaking teh lives of a few thousand children a week . This is according to the UN - not some extremist group . Why should it be difficult to see . Arrogance .

There is also the issue of Palestine and Israel - the latter which is really an arm of some sorts of the US . The two are intimately linked .

This can be clearly seen now as Bush supports Sharon a well known mass-murderer . Had he been a muslim . . . . .

Clear hypocrisy .

There are many other causes of irritation - US bases in Saudi Arabia for instance .

What is clear is that the US is abusing its position of strength .
It calls the shots - it subtly dictates .

People do not like to be humiliated - the cause of their humiliation may be multifatorial and a large portion may be self-inflicted - but when there is an external source of part of this humiliation , then all the frustration may be directed at this .

I think it is clear that 911 was an outrage - but it also signified an outpouring of rage - a result of perceived arrogance and hypocrisy .

Problem is that the last two features are not acknowledged .
As it perpetuates , if it does , then the problems will too .


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