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Dear Ahmed,

I understand what you say. You are looking for causes. Causes exist, but a cause does not justify an action in itself and I'm sure you agree with this.

I know that you can understand the reasons for, say, suicide bombers, or how it is possible for someone to smash a plane against the WTC, but although you understand the causes, you certainly do not condone the actions. You do not agree with these actions, you probably would do your best to avoid a single American life being lost in any type of terrorist activity if you knew of it yourself. I do not doubt that.

Another thing is to critique specific actions or politics from the American government that you do not agree with. This is widely done, many Americans do this themselves.

If I read you correctly, the issues you raise are wider than "war on terrorism".

Let's take your analogy of the beaten wife that reacts and kills the husband. You ask: "who is the agressor"? Both are. In this case, were the wife's actions justified? No, they weren't. She could divorce him, she could press charges, she had mechanisms at her disposal. If she presses charges, gets a court injunction against him, and still one day he enters her house and she shoots him, then that is self-defence. However, if while he is asleep she covers him in petrol and sets him on fire (that has been done, actually!), then she is a killer.

I know what you are thinking: what if the wife complains, presses charges, and no-one really does anything - that is not the case today, but it was about 50 years ago, and is perhaps closer to the analogy you are thinking, about, right?

Actually, to make this a better analogy still, it is not the wife that kills the husband, it's the next door neighbour.

So, yes, it is a question of perspective of what in our understanding is an acceptable and appropriate action for the agression.

The US is not an agressor of Palestine, and is not an agressor of Islam. Muslims can freely exercise their faith in the US. A call to kill Americans includes a call to kill Muslims, as some Americans are Muslims.

On the other hand, a large proportion of Americans (not all) do not have a balanced picture of the Middle East issue, and do not see Israel as an agressor. Should the Americans understand things from a different perspective too? Surely, that would be great. Should the Palestinians and Al-Qaeda understand the Americans better too? Yes, that too.

The Sept. 11 actions, actually, only made this lack of understanding a lot worse. Now, the picture that Americans make of Palestinians is not of a poor people condemned to live in concentration camps. They have apparently forgotten that the only time when all 3 major religions could be practiced in Jerusalem in total peace and respect was under Muslim rule, specially before the Turks. The picture Americans now have is of a violent people set on killing Jews and Americans, that dance on the streets with the death of innocents, etc. etc. Al-Qaeda's actions are very counterproductive.

There is an important point here - by playing the terrorist tune the end result is an all-out war - who will benefit from that?

Who ended up suffering the most with Sept. 11 (besides the direct victims, of course)? Was it the Christian Americans? The right wing Zionists? No, in the end the worst will fall on Muslims, particularly true, peaceful, innocent Muslims. Is it the American's fault because they replied to threats in whatever way they would do? Or is it the fault of those that created those stupid threats and destroyed in a flash years of diplomatic gains?

Just some thoughts.

Best regards,


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