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Akhenaten wrote:

> In nature disproportionate reactions to threats are common.
> The US has been trying to maintain an aura of legality around
> its actions, for some moral satisfaction, but in war an eye
> for an eye is a possibility, two eyes for an eye are another.
> The most effective one is an entire life for an eye.
> I've seen small children pick up older ones and than come
> runing for protection behind an adult when the older kid runs
> after them. If you pick a fight, you cannot complain if you
> don't like the result. A war was picked with the US, and they
> didn't ask for it. Wars aren't a pretty thing, but if you
> have to do it, you have to win it.

I see the analogy but am not sure I totally agree .

However , there is another dimension to this story . We have seen the little kid throw a stone and draw blood from the bigger kids forehead . We condemn the former and condone the use of force by the latter to humiliate and neutralise the little kid .

What if we look at the bigger picture .

I think an interesting analogy would be the wife who after years of drip-drip psychological and physical abuse resorts to a violent action - in some cases murder .

Is she the aggressor ?

A life for an eye - but the initial eye may have been the result of several kicks in the teeth .

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