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Dear Astikapati,

How new is this pre-emptive policy?

The so-called Cuban missile crisis in the 60's is said to have taken the world to the brink of WWIII. What was at stake was the existence of nuclear missiles in Cuba pointing to the US, not the fact that Cuba had threatened to use them. Hence, the US 40 years ago were keen in going to war if needed to avoid a potential threat.

Even before Sept. 11 the threats from terrorist organisations was already even more real than the threat of Cuban missiles that, if they were to have the same fate of Russian-based ones, where not a threat in itself, as they were not going to be used, except as a last defense resort.

The US and each individual US citizen, civilian or military, government-loving or not, are under threat. A more real threat than others. It is only to be expected that they react accordingly. A response to a threat may be disproportionate to deter others - this has been used for thousands of years. If you threaten someone, you cannot then complain that you are not happy with the reaction. It is a right of the threatened party to react in whatever way they see fit.

In nature disproportionate reactions to threats are common. The US has been trying to maintain an aura of legality around its actions, for some moral satisfaction, but in war an eye for an eye is a possibility, two eyes for an eye are another. The most effective one is an entire life for an eye.

I've seen small children pick up older ones and than come runing for protection behind an adult when the older kid runs after them. If you pick a fight, you cannot complain if you don't like the result. A war was picked with the US, and they didn't ask for it. Wars aren't a pretty thing, but if you have to do it, you have to win it.

Best regards,


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