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Goes to show that words and phrases must be worded carefully.

This does not mean that their DNA molecular structure is of a superior configuration, to say an Eskimo's. The way I was meaning that, if indeed, it was the Hebrews that were versed in this knowledge, then they would serve as teachers for others.

Thus, they would be special in the sense that, as people who discovered and trained in the "spiritual arts" (for lack of a better word) , then they would be respected as teachers for others. This does not mean they would be given political power, or control or anything like that.

I don't liken a lot of Israelis or the State of Israel to any of this. Most of them are as about qualified to claim religious superiority as a bar of soap is. Most dont follow their own religion and even go against it's teachings. I think the Jewishness we all see, hear and supposed to feel guilty for, like the New York and Florida set, the ADL and Israel Govt. etc etc is poison for the real study of the religion.

I'm no expert or student in all this, but the Torah or Talmund stated that God said that a Jew must live a pious and humble life and not seek political or material power.

Regardless of what race we are, many of us may benefit from Buddhist, Hindu, Native American teachings etc etc. The ones who are well studied in these "ways" are highly repsected and in a sense "special" - without them influencing politics or business.

What was Buddha? Was he Chinese? He had the whole religion bit sussed out, so he was special, as are his llamas and monks - but there's no race or genetic thing there.

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