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Hi Margaret!

I just browsed that article, "bible fraud part I", and have serious doubts as to its accuracy. For one, claims of a Mary-mother-of Jesus, being a descendant of Mariamne I, the Hasmonean married to Herodes who sought to kill Jesus, is seriously flawd. According to historians, "Herod the Great", [butcher] was married to the Hasmonean Princess, Mariamne. She bore him two boys: Alexander and Aristobulus. The two were educated in Rome, as history shows that they were orphaned when Herodes killed their mother during the time when Queen Cleopatra of Egypt reigned with Anthony[?]

It was Queen Cleopatra who tried to save Princess Mariamne, and upon learning of her murder, demanded retribution against Herodes.

The retribution came later on when, as part of a wedding present, Anthony ceded Arabia, Cyprus, Cilicia, Crete, Galilee, the Phoenician coast, and part of Judea and Jericho to Queen Cleopatra. Jerico was considered the richest part of Judea, and Herodes was furious! He didn't like it when part of his "kingdom" went back to the hands of an Egyptian Queen. Josephus tells in his history how Herod intended to have Cleopatra ambushed and killed, but he did not pursue it, as he feared being executed by Anthony. Later on, at the battle of Actium, Herodes told Octavian how many soldiers and ships Cleopatra had and how strong were her defenses. Prior to that, he hired "Rhodon of Damascus" as Caesarium's doctor to spy on Cleopatra, and during the Battle of Actium, kidnapped Caesarium forcing Cleopatra to leave Anthony in the middle of battle to save her son. She never intended to leave Anthony and ingratiate herself with Octavian as has been stated by some historians!

Getting back to the claim of Mary, the mother of Jesus, being a descendant from Mariamne, this is unlikely, because her only children, Alexander and Aristobolus, were killed at the orders of Herodes, years later. Unless Alexander or Aristobolus had children before their demise, I cannot see how the claim can be sustained.

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