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Ahhh. My tax bill arrived the other day. But I have a plan. I am going to get a truck, pack it with explosives and drive it into the Tax Department Office. Oh, I am also going to drop some Koran's around too. I'm white Christian so I'm safe from suspicion.

Everything that involves a bombing is now an act of Islamic Fundamentalism.

We get all this news but it's empty news with no real value to us. Who sent the suicide squad to India, and secondly why did they do it?

I find it hard to believe that in these times, a group will choose this moment to stage an event that would draw the World's attention and possible condemnation to itself. I also find it hard that the official Pakistani govt would risk a major war with it's neighbour when it is already stuck between a rock and a hard place with it's Western neighbour Afghanistan. Also, what of Pakistan's economic and military rewards for allowing a limited usage of some bases for this war.

The suicide attack played well into the hands of the "War on Terror" strategisits:

* The alliance will get more moral support to bring the crusade into Pakistan. Currently the crusading forces have a limited use of Pakistani bases and airspace. Pakistan gave the use of these bases for a price (economic and military reward). The crusading forces were desparate for bases at the time.

* India is now indirectly involved in the crusade, acting as an Eastern buffer and potential Eastern front.

* India's sabre rattling means that the best Pakistani military units will be deployed at Kashmir and these will be tied up - thus keeping them out of the way.

* With Pakistan's military out of the way, the Crusade can conduct a less limited chase in Pakistan and also remove any Islamic Resistance groups in Pakistan. Since no one will ever know where Bin Laden or Al-Queda is, who is in the group or how many are in the group, this 'police chase' will go on 'forever'. Pakistani terroritiory will no longer be a Muslim refuge.

There is another potential factor in this campaign and that is what China's role and intentions is.

China has been building roads along inhospitable areas of Tibet and has also upgraded an unused railway line in the area to a broad gauge line. The construction of roads and the railroad upgrade are not really economically viable and the conclusion that can be drawn is that they are built to facilitate the movement of troops and equipment to the Indian borders.

Mind you, this may also just be a normal strategic move to safeguard the borders and not the prelude to some form of Chinese intervention. Even when there is no war, most countries will prepare for possible future war.

It will be interesting to see what China is thinking, with a foreign military force that knows no bounds first taking Afghanistan and attemping to implemtent a puppet govt and potentially trying to bully Pakistan - an economic and military ally.

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