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if the Islamic nations got together and sorted out these terrorists THEMSELVES..if for nothing else but for taking their own religeon into the nether world...surley this would be a better way, so as to take out of the equation the christian against muslim thing....
perhaps the west should encourage this approach with diplomacy first....or rather should have done....after all they're pretty much in with the Saudi's and Kuwaiti goverments....all that oil and such...

All this Islamic brotherhood doesn´t wash....weren´t the Iranians and Iraqis at war a while brotherhood there...
The taliban makeing their own people...all muslims... brotherhood their either..
And if Saudi Arabia are prepared to behead their wrong doing fellow country men, then surley they would have no remorse in sorting those out those muslims that debase their religeous beliefs....which I would have thought worse than infidals doing it...

s'pose its a stupid idea of mine as usual....:)


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