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Hi All

We all recognize the terms conservative and neo conservative but what were seeing now is a new kind of conservative and I term them 21st Century or New Conservatives. These aren't the conservatives of old and their identifier of difference is they are becoming active instead of passive regarding the manner in which they exert their power. In the past they exerted their power through the voting process, institutions, authority or law. But today they don't trust these authorities or institutions, especially government authority, institutions or the Courts. In many cases they believe these are the actual instruments which has created the environment they find themselves in today. Today they see all these as full of corruption. Today the New Conservative is at the core of the counterrevolution aimed at restoring our country from those who have betrayed it.

In the past people of this ilk usually gravitated to the left politically and were in short supply in conservative circles. We saw this change when Trump beat out all his primary repo opponents and then Hillary to become President. This series of unprecedented actions exposed a political/social change which up to then had been underestimated and untapped. The old conservative mantra of incremental change was destroyed and now wanted radical action which would restore our country from those who betrayed it. This trend is growing as more and more people wake up to what is going on in our country.

The Arizona audit findings are predicted to stun Americans and shatter the illusion of fair elections. If true then this will surely feed the conservative trend and will either greatly reduce the power of those who betrayed it or push towards further divide. The Counterrevolution is here and its powerful

One effect it should have is to push repo state legislations into supporting full forensic audits of the 2020 election.

We shall see?

Thank you,Dane

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