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I'll pause every 10 to allow for fair commentary/rebuttals on what is presented for 24 hours.

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2020 Election "Mishaps" 124 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:12
Milwaukee Elections Head Misplaced Crucial Voting Flashdrive with absentee data that propelled Biden to take the lead during the early morning hours on election night. 28 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:13
Wisconsin Clerks May Have Unlawfully Altered Thousands of Absentee Ballots 25 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:15
Rate of rejected mail-in ballots almost 30X lower in Pennsylvania in 2020 vs 2016. 28 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:17
No Down-Ballot Voting 24 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:19
Spoiled Ballots Were Illegally Handled And Destroyed 24 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:21
"Glitch," which has caused a delay in the counting of thousands of votes in the 2020 presidential election. 21 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:29
I hear dead people 23 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:32
Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Directs Committee to Review Statewide Election Amid Concerns Over Massive Midnight Ballot Dump For Joe Biden 23 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:35
2016 v 2020 GA Deltas 22 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:38
Corrupted Software Stole 6,000 Votes From Trump in Michigan County 20 Archaic 08-Nov-20 05:42
Pause 1 32 Archaic 08-Nov-20 06:04
Re: Pause 1 50 WhoWeird 08-Nov-20 15:41

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