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So ya....While A.I. is still learning... ( The Monkey confuses A.I./that's for another thread : )

So ya.....It's Kabuki theatre folks....even V.

And like the Kraaken ...only view escape...

"The Ship is Ours" !... - Jack Sparrow. ...then the mood music and Blackbeard,

Who few can escape from in a moment....gotta luv the predictive programing.

The US Constitution is on the Line now....

If Trump does not Fight for Himself and Everyone who voted for him,...
Well it could be bad....with certain doom in 2 Democrats dismantle the last stops in their way.

Socialist,Marxist...lots of China Educated in America.....
Decades and decades...

And now the culmination.....a sense time is running out on double down on the

We find out if America was Real....Cuz THEY BETTER SHOW UP to Defend the Constitution.

Media's going to down play that...

The decades of Globalism juggernaut. ...vs Home and Country

The Real America may show up real soon and be Awesome!.

It's not that Trump the bailed out debter wins and whatever,

It's that the Constitution is Saved by his staying..

And He was Winning....before the Media flipped the switch on the overtime game,

Which epic fail via caught on video ...1st person testimony to fraud.
Courts going to be Fun : )

Lots of people could really go to prison...

Maybe why Hillary never stomped her foot down to have the Ring,...
She maybe knew how risky the Kabuki theatre might be....if caught for real.

For real....

Ya...what's that now in our shit world of digital streaming deceptions

T Bird

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