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There is a rising feeling of anger against China. Appearing like the symptoms of chicken pox, all over the world. I'm just posting 4 pieces of news with a common thread from different parts of the world that caught my eye. But they all do point to a common issue. Without mentioning HONG KONG.

What is China doing?? A sudden grab for world domination while the world is occupied with a virus that originated from... China?


But CCTV footage seized by police, and seen by CNN, revealed a brutal afternoon of carnage.

At midday on Sunday, May 24, three Zambian attackers with iron bars entered the grounds of a Chinese-owned textile warehouse in Lusaka. Police said they were pretending to be potential customers.
But the trio did not want to do business.

Over the next 17 minutes, the CCTV footage shows, they beat two men and one woman to death in the courtyard, before dragging their bodies into the adjoining warehouse.
That's where the footage ends. According to police, the attackers then dismembered their bodies and used flammable materials from the Blue Star clothing business to set their bodies and the building ablaze, burning them so severely that it took Zambian authorities three days to retrieve their charred remains from the rubble.



A group of senior lawmakers from eight democracies including US, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Sweden & Norway have formed an anti-China coalition..

Read more at:

China-India Armies are eyeball-to-eyeball:



From a wider perspective, Japan’s Indo-Pacific strategy is seen as a subtle counter to China’s rise, as is Tokyo’s development of closer ties with Southeast Asian countries. The chasm in values between Beijing and Tokyo was only underscored recently, when a group of Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers urged Abe to withdraw the invitation for Xi’s visit to Japan, after Beijing put forward a national security law for Hong Kong.

As Australian National University academic Brendan Taylor argues, the island dispute is about much more than contested rocks or their resources. It is about Washington’s place in the evolving Asian order, China’s expansion and the tensions between two of Asia’s “oldest and most inextricable” rivals.

The question is not whether China, now the target of a full-court press by America, would want to challenge Japan over the islands. The question is when, and how? This is what keeps Japanese (and American) policymakers awake at night.



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