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Well, it's always difficult to predict the future in anything but the vaguest terms. Who could have guessed how the Baltic states would be freed from the Soviet Union when they were taken over in the turmoils of the WW II era? The Russians viewed the Baltic states as "rightfully" part of their nation, also. But the Russian Empire (in all but name, since the "Soviet Union" was Russia and satellites it managed to pull in to its political control) finally collapsed as all empires eventually do. And then the states on the Baltic coast managed to establish their own governments again, be recognized by western countries, and even get into the EU and NATO to protect themselves.

The current regime in China is very strong -- right now. This is apparent from the way they responded to the coronavirus problem once they admitted there was a problem. They have very good control of the population and any dissent is going to be snuffed out quickly. It looks like Hong Kong is going to get the same treatment now. It's really impossible to say how long this regime will last, but no regime lasts forever.

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