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Yes, it's probably over for the short term. The law passed or about to be passed in the central government legislature in Beijing is essentially authorization to over-ride any local laws that conflict with the current leadership's definition of 'national security'. As we know from right here in the USA, 'national security' is a magic password to do what you want. Hong Kong cannot hope to resist the military power of the mainland, and the world is not going to intervene to save a city that is in fact culturally part of China even if it was administered by a foreign power for a century or more.

Longer term, this is likely to be counter-productive. First within Hong Kong itself. Many people are likely to form an idea of Hong Kong as something separate from China literally because of this strong-arm approach to the conflict. There were some expressing a desire for independence already, but they are now likely to get many new recruits. Second, anywhere else where culturally Chinese people who don't like the current regime may live. Especially the other 'separate territory' - Taiwan might have peacefully rejoined China within a generation of two if the CCP had just kept their mouths shut and waited patiently. Economic ties bring many other ties, and there probably would have been a movement to just merge. Now they have shown they are a bunch of thugs and the resistance within Taiwan is revitalized. Since the US looks to be openly supportive, expect them to get even bolder as Hong Kong is suppressed.

Thug regimes are no more durable than any others. The strongest empires fall sooner or later. Ozymandius is a parable for all ages. Sooner or later the power of the CCP will fracture or fade, though it may be many decades yet. And then Hong Kong may well wake up and declare itself some sort of independent state.

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