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What happened:

1) China managed to solve its internal political problems and unify the mainland (1949, end of the civil war)

2) China built up enough military strength that Britain realized it would be hopeless to try to hold Hong Kong against an attempt to take it back by force. (~1979 when the Brits started to make diplomatic appeals to Beijing to allow them to continue to administer the territory...)

3) Britain failed to win any concessions and accepted it would eventually have to return the territory (1984 joint declaration)

4) Hong Kong was returned to China (1997)

5) As anyone would have guessed, the Communist Party has made all sorts of efforts to erode the "one country, two systems" firewall that was supposed to allow Hong Kong to maintain its government and society for 50 years after the hand-over. The list of confrontations and crises is a long one. The current one in the headlines is just the latest wave of a continuous struggle.

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