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Hey Pete,

I doubt if China has much of an incentive to roll in. They won't gain much geopolitical advantage compared to what they already have, and then they'll also inherit the administrative and social nightmare that we call NK (they already have enough major migraines in the form of Hong Kong, COVID, a crashing economy, Senkaku etc.) The most likely scenario is that China has an oversized influence to put a puppet ruler in place, although I'm not sure how pliable Dear Sister is going to be.

I am worried about control of the nukes, however. One trigger happy idiot can unleash hell. There are certain countries whose nuke security is scary, due to either an opaque chain of command or a radicalized military. There are several states that possess nukes in violation of NPT and CTBT, but violators like like Israel or India don't worry me, as compared to folks like NK, Pakistan or even Iran to certain degree (although, Iran is far saner than the picture painted by the Western media.)

The US needs to move assets into the area quickly. Now was not a good time to pull all the bombers out of Guam permanently like they did yesterday.


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