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No reasoning or justification required.

Just change the subject line of this thread to your preferred candidate if the election were held today. So folks can see your preference by just clicking on the thread without having to open individual responses.

No text necessary in the body of the post, for it's a pulse check of preferences only at this point.

No debates or disagreements on this thread, please. Just who'd you vote for.

I can start.


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Subject Views Written By Posted
Readership Poll: Trump v/s Biden 274 Deep1 11-Mar-20 13:12
Biden 125 Deep1 11-Mar-20 13:13
Biden 88 WhoWeird 11-Mar-20 13:23
Biden 88 OCaptain 11-Mar-20 14:06
Biden 80 Aine 11-Mar-20 15:41
Anyone but Trump 91 Open mind 11-Mar-20 16:14
Biden 72 Warwick 11-Mar-20 18:25
Re: Biden 89 Open mind 11-Mar-20 19:51
Re: Biden 144 Deep1 11-Mar-20 21:14
Biden is already President 70 WhoWeird 11-Mar-20 20:10
Re: Biden is already President 120 Deep1 11-Mar-20 21:01

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