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Eddie Larry Wrote:
Michael stated
> But Schiff has successfully demonstrated that
> Trump endangered national security in an attempt
> to rig the 2020 election.
> Michael, how do you think our national security
> was endangered by Trump’s call to the Ukrainian
> president. Is it your argument that Biden’s
> presidency would enhance U.S. security?
> I think that this whole line of argument is pretty
> weak.

I thought Trump was a threat to national security when he rode down the escalator and started screeching about rapists and murderers. That is the moment I knew he was working for Putin.

As far as Trump's call, it wasn't just the call. The report is hundreds of pages long and goes into great detail the evidence that HPSCI has gathered. I'm still reading it. But based on what I know so far, Trump and some Russian mob goons conspired to eliminate our diplomatic channels to Ukraine in order to invent an investigation into his primary political opponent. But this isn't just about Biden and the phone call. Ukraine warned the U.S. about Manafort's corruption. Trump made Manafort campaign chairman. Manafort changed the RNC platform to benefit Russia at Ukraine's expense. Then, Trump systematically destroyed our diplomatic channel to Ukraine, inserted his own, and that was in furtherance of Russia's foreign policy strategy and Trump's personal campaign for President. Russia is our enemy. Literally our greatest enemy on earth.

I'm still reading the report, so I'll have more to say later. And, there will obviously be more to come. But I don't know how else to explain the existential threat that Trump poses. He is doing Putin's bidding from the Oval Office, whether he's stupid and doesn't know it or not, he is the greatest national security threat in U.S. history.

What Trump did with Rudy et al is criminal. Devin Nunes was HPSCI majority leader and is a co-conspirator in the criminal act and the cover up. VP Pence at least knew what was happening and may also have been involved. And he is next in line in succession.

This is really really really really bad.

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