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drrayeye Wrote:
> Read Feldman:
> []
> h-feldman.html

In October, he declared that the country
> was in a constitutional crisis, caused by the
> events that followed the disclosure of a July 25
> phone call between President Trump and President
> Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine. When Mr. Trump told
> Congress that he would not participate in any of
> the House’s impeachment proceedings, it left the
> country with a “situation where the Constitution
> does not provide a clear, definitive answer to a
> basic problem of governance,” Mr. Feldman
> wrote.
> Ray

The Majority witnesses laid it out perfectly this morning. If a President declares oversight illegitimate and refuses to participate in his own impeachment, that cannot stop the impeachment. In fact, that is obstruction and another article of impeachment. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. If Congress sets a precedent that a President can ignore oversight by ignoring impeachment, we no longer have a Constitutional Republic. Trump's GOP is arguing that the shitty casino guy with a history of paying women for sex and cheating on all his wives is now an American monarch.

This is not the party of Lincoln and Reagan. This is a thing that has been eroded from the inside out by a cancer.

The GOP is dead. Trump must be impeached, and quickly, otherwise the Constitution is also dead.

Besides, if the Senate doesn't remove, the Senate will be replaced. So even if Trump is reelected, he can be impeached again. And we will have a governing body in place that will not cower in fear of the man-baby's Twitter account.

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