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"I went into a little detail about my own practical and philosophical discoveries as foundational to my thinking about impeachment."

- Again, when you and the Left at large have yet to apply those to the President as the President, it immediately makes any questioning beyond that a non-starter. This is nothing new and has been stated by me and the non-TDS'ers since election night. You and the Left have not moved beyond that.

"You're looking at it as a raw ideological conflict, and attributing a place in that drama to me."

- Because it is ideological and you are not just in the drama but also director and advertiser.

"The American people are not so ideological"

- To quote Cappy, "speculation."

"mine is moral"

- Exactly. He [Trump], myself, and other non-TDS'ers are not a part of your cult, which is why you feel justified and dare I say obligated to spread the word of #OrangeManBad because you know that you're morally righteous and superior. This has also been highlighted since election night and is also a part of your refusal to self-asses and reflect.... your faith won't allow it.

"I liked Hillary, but she was not my candidate. My candidates seldom get nom8nated."

- The commies and socialists are now though....

"Donald is more of a disaster for conservatives, than liberals"

- As President Trump is not a commie I'd have to disagree. How you define "conservative" could spark some agreement though.

"For the rest of us, we need an American President who remembers his high school civics and his American forefathers."

- And how has Trump forgot? From where I sit and on the surface, he's done more than any other in my memory, with an asterik next to Reagan as being the one who'd be the test... But, again, you've not thought about Trump in that way because he's already "disqualified himself for me decades ago," right? Which, again, goes back to your disingenuous lament that Trump isn't trying to bring the nation together. You've rejected his hand before it was even offered and now you want the rest of us to partake in your psychosis?! No wonder you don't say much these days cause when you do, you expose yourself for the TDS hack you've become... maybe, always been???

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again 75 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 01:49
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If only it ended with a "." 81 Sirfiroth 03-Dec-19 18:53
It starts with Civics/Government in High School 83 drrayeye 03-Dec-19 19:35
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