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"It's not that hard to learn about one's own country, Thomas."

- That depends on how you define "hard" and by the pig ignorance displayed by Americans on subjects as simple as say, the Second Amendment, I had to say that it's certainly "hard" for some, if not impossible.

"It['s not that hard to take some time to think."

- Clearly it is, unless you don't count self-reflection and assessment after Hilary lost as being 'thinking.'

"I provided some pretty good background"

- Blather, bullshit, and psychosis are all you've provided.

"you could find a lot more"

- Your posting history since you lost the election is proof of that.


- That should be you owning up to your refusal and failure to be the loyal opposition. Does that not matter any more to you? Which you is then the one full of shit; the old you or the new you?


- That should be you realizing, after much "thinking," that I was right in that Trump would never satisfy your call of 'bringing us together as a Nation' because you irrationally reject him in his entirety. That the only way he'd fulfill your hope is by stepping aside on election night and crowning Hilary.

- This is your next reply:

'American history is vast and rich with countless experiences that I've experienced first hand through my many experiences. Here's a youtube folk song that'll impart part of my vast experience on you (don't you feel blessed?!). Think about that and feel the truth of my experienced truth... Stayed tuned for my next, 'I hate Trump for reasons thread and I want you to know about it,' coming as usual, daily.'

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Time to think 639 drrayeye 03-Dec-19 14:04
Wasting good bandwidth 94 Sirfiroth 03-Dec-19 16:11
Sorry 90 drrayeye 03-Dec-19 16:36
Wasting good bandwidth 102 Sirfiroth 03-Dec-19 18:55
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 74 Warwick 04-Dec-19 18:54
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 72 Sirfiroth 04-Dec-19 19:57
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 74 Warwick 04-Dec-19 20:11
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 74 Sirfiroth 04-Dec-19 23:09
Not asking you to lie 93 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 23:53
Re: Not asking you to lie 90 Sirfiroth 05-Dec-19 04:40
You want Sage Advice? 62 Warwick 05-Dec-19 19:35
Re: You want Sage Advice? 65 Sirfiroth 05-Dec-19 20:18
Re: You want Sage Advice? 61 Warwick 05-Dec-19 20:26
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 60 OCaptain 07-Dec-19 12:47
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 65 Sirfiroth 07-Dec-19 14:26
Translating into Cowboy 68 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 20:25
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 62 OCaptain 07-Dec-19 12:46
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 62 Sirfiroth 07-Dec-19 14:43
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 64 OCaptain 07-Dec-19 17:11
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 72 Sirfiroth 08-Dec-19 00:36
Don't have a "side" 63 drrayeye 08-Dec-19 02:50
Re: Wasting good bandwidth 59 OCaptain 09-Dec-19 13:45
If only it ended with a "." 89 Buck 45 03-Dec-19 18:34
Re: If only it ended with a "." 73 WhoWeird 03-Dec-19 18:40
Re: If only it ended with a "." 79 Brian Patterson 03-Dec-19 19:18
At some point 79 drrayeye 03-Dec-19 19:40
Re:Ray, you are Cancer on American Freedoms, and Liberties 78 Brian Patterson 03-Dec-19 19:47
How would you know 72 drrayeye 03-Dec-19 21:06
Re: How would you know 69 WhoWeird 03-Dec-19 21:11
Re: How would you know 68 Brian Patterson 04-Dec-19 00:18
again 75 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 01:49
Re: If only it ended with a "." 64 WhoWeird 03-Dec-19 19:47
If only it ended with a "." 81 Sirfiroth 03-Dec-19 18:53
It starts with Civics/Government in High School 83 drrayeye 03-Dec-19 19:35
Taught by whom? 78 Buck 45 03-Dec-19 21:15
Does it matter? 76 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 01:53
Yes, it does 69 Buck 45 04-Dec-19 17:12
Re: Yes, it does 66 WhoWeird 04-Dec-19 18:02
Re: Yes, it does 70 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 18:48
Groundhog Election Day 75 Buck 45 04-Dec-19 19:20
Re: Groundhog Election Day 71 Warwick 04-Dec-19 19:26
Re: Groundhog Election Day 69 WhoWeird 04-Dec-19 19:28
Try and follow the conversation... 70 Buck 45 04-Dec-19 22:13
Re: Try and follow the conversation... 69 WhoWeird 04-Dec-19 22:21
Careful thought about impeachment 75 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 20:19
"On the docket" of your psychosis 74 Buck 45 04-Dec-19 21:34
Time to think; Properly 83 Barbelo 03-Dec-19 22:01
Re: Time to think; Properly 80 WhoWeird 03-Dec-19 22:25
Re: Time to think; Properly 81 WhoWeird 04-Dec-19 03:57
Re: Are You Drunk? 85 Brian Patterson 04-Dec-19 04:40
Communism, traditional American values--and Donald 81 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 14:01
Re: Time to think; Properly 74 Warwick 04-Dec-19 19:02
If you're in the mood to think 78 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 21:08
Re: If you're in the mood to think 67 WhoWeird 04-Dec-19 21:21
Don't jump too far ahead 70 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 22:04
Re: Don't jump too far ahead 78 WhoWeird 04-Dec-19 22:06
Opinion 68 drrayeye 06-Dec-19 01:41
IMO 63 drrayeye 06-Dec-19 18:12
Re: IMO 69 WhoWeird 06-Dec-19 18:19
I'm not so radical 63 drrayeye 07-Dec-19 00:51
I'm a Radical Republican 84 WhoWeird 07-Dec-19 01:42
Democrats taking this seriously 68 drrayeye 07-Dec-19 18:32
Future of American Democracy (opinion) 66 drrayeye 07-Dec-19 22:15
Re: Future of American Democracy (opinion) 71 Eddie Larry 08-Dec-19 00:05
Re: Future of American Democracy (opinion) 73 ldennyjr 09-Dec-19 15:37
Re: Future of American Democracy (opinion) 73 WhoWeird 09-Dec-19 16:48
Re: Future of American Democracy (opinion) 68 ldennyjr 09-Dec-19 20:07
Re: Future of American Democracy (opinion) 62 WhoWeird 09-Dec-19 20:52
High school civics 71 drrayeye 09-Dec-19 22:32
Re: High school civics 57 ldennyjr 10-Dec-19 17:00
Re: High school civics 55 drrayeye 10-Dec-19 17:12
Re: High school civics 68 ldennyjr 10-Dec-19 18:35
Don't attribute 59 drrayeye 10-Dec-19 18:46
Re: High school civics 65 WhoWeird 10-Dec-19 19:05
thinking 58 drrayeye 10-Dec-19 23:26
Re: thinking, keep thinking 50 Eddie Larry 10-Dec-19 23:32
Re: thinking 49 drrayeye 10-Dec-19 23:40
Too Much Thinking About A Losing Proposition 61 Barbelo 10-Dec-19 23:46
You know about assume, no? 51 drrayeye 10-Dec-19 23:49
Re: thinking 55 Eddie Larry 10-Dec-19 23:49
Re: thinking 53 drrayeye 10-Dec-19 23:51
Re: thinking 62 Eddie Larry 10-Dec-19 23:56
Re: thinking 56 drrayeye 11-Dec-19 01:08
It's an opinion 74 drrayeye 08-Dec-19 02:56
Impeachmet easy feeling 90 drrayeye 11-Dec-19 04:37
What Do Young People Think About Impeaching Trump? 96 drrayeye 12-Dec-19 07:39
More speculation 63 drrayeye 12-Dec-19 21:51
Impeachment mix 76 drrayeye 14-Dec-19 01:31

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