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How this for an idea? Starting here with this board, let's organize a global exorcism for the 37% of American voters who are undying Trump supporters. I'm sure they are possessed.

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Global Exorcism 433 thirdpal 13-Nov-19 20:56
To bad about Obamacare... 105 Racho 13-Nov-19 21:04
Re: To bad about Obamacare... 118 thirdpal 13-Nov-19 21:17
Re: To bad about Obamacare... 92 Racho 13-Nov-19 21:21
Re: To bad about Obamacare... 127 thirdpal 13-Nov-19 21:25
But you support Schiff... 79 Racho 15-Nov-19 07:08
Re: Global Exorcism 107 WhoWeird 13-Nov-19 21:08
Re: Global Exorcism 111 thirdpal 14-Nov-19 19:46
Re: Global Exorcism 94 Barbelo 14-Nov-19 22:34
Re: Global Exorcism 95 thirdpal 15-Nov-19 16:22
illegal foreign Trumpers 86 drrayeye 15-Nov-19 06:54
Re: illegal foreign Trumpers: Another Conspiracy Theory 95 Barbelo 15-Nov-19 10:50
Question 76 drrayeye 15-Nov-19 15:12
Re: Question 126 thirdpal 15-Nov-19 16:32
Maybe not 65 drrayeye 17-Nov-19 05:04
Re: illegal foreign Trumpers 107 thirdpal 15-Nov-19 16:30
Re: Global Exorcism: Great Idea 91 Barbelo 17-Nov-19 05:33
Pilot volunteer? 79 drrayeye 17-Nov-19 10:26
Re: Pilot volunteer? 81 Barbelo 17-Nov-19 11:08
Mostly helping Trumpers 112 drrayeye 17-Nov-19 15:01

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