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According to sources, "President" Trump is getting ready to fire Rosenstein. Because he's scared of him...


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Fire Rosentein Now? 522 Deep1 25-Sep-18 20:34
Re: Fire Rosentein Now? 146 Barbelo 25-Sep-18 20:44
Re: Fire Rosentein Now? 208 Deep1 25-Sep-18 20:53
Re: Fire Rosentein Now? 136 WhoWeird 25-Sep-18 21:59
Re: Fire Rosenstein Now? 139 Barbelo 25-Sep-18 22:36
Re: Fire Rosenstein Now? 139 WhoWeird 25-Sep-18 22:44
Re: Fire Rosenstein Now? 148 eli stills 26-Sep-18 01:31
Re: Fire Rosenstein Now? 135 WhoWeird 26-Sep-18 02:32
Re: Fire Rosenstein Now? 137 eli stills 26-Sep-18 03:20
Re: Fire Rosentein Now? 183 Archaic 25-Sep-18 23:51
No, Pete, he isn't 157 Buck 45 28-Sep-18 01:17

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