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The Endangered Liberal

I do not know if you’ve taken the time to classify yourself into a conservative or a liberal. According to Emotional Intelligence theory, there are 4 basic emotions that make up all the other emotions we experience, much like the 3 basic colors of red, blue and yellow create all the other colors we see when used in different shades and proportions. The 4 basic emotions are glad, sad, mad, and scared (happiness, sadness, anger, and fear.) Every emotion we experience can be classified by a mix of these basic 4 emotions, or colors.

Now the classic liberal has only 2 of these 4 basic emotions, politically. They are either glad or mad. A typical liberal never experiences sadness or fear. To go by history, the typical liberal is a cavalier, instead of a roundhead in British history. Or the first person who instigated the Boston Tea Party, calling upon folks to start a revolution to protest taxation without representation – no, the tea-partiers of today do not represent the original ones. They’re idiots and counterfeited folks masquerading as conservatives in contrast.

Interestingly, the pure conservative has only 2 basic emotions too – they are either glad or scared. Conservatives are glad when things are in place, and terrified when change happens. Liberals, on the other hand, are mad when change doesn’t happen. And we scratch our heads about how such people can be a part of the same family…

Yet we are placed in a topsy-turvy world where each side claims the seat of the other to claim the mantle of the other’s success. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, who stood up for change, and the consummate conservative Reagan also did. To say, standing by the Berlin Wall, “Mr. Gorbachov, break down this wall!” was a liberal statement, not a conservative one. Politically and ideologically, the republicans were democrats and vice versa then. Right after Kennedy had stared down Khruschev in the Cuban Missile Crisis. A very conservative move.

Yet, these liberals with only 2 basic emotions are an endangered bunch, and that’s a threat to the world. Why, you ask? Dig deeper. How can a world survive with only happiness and fear? Glad and scared? If there is no anger at the lack of fairness, Justice itself dies. The highest ethics of humanity, preserved from the Greeks, passed on to the Romans, preserved and refined by the Persian or the Crusadors or even Saladin’s philosophy would be lost. Fairness, itself, would die.



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