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Frankly, it's no secret on this board that I'm not a fan of Trump. That is not because I dislike him as a person (which I do, but I still think he'd be fun to have a beer with...) but because I disagree with most of his policies on topics like immigration, isolationism, trade wars, economics and tax policy, border walls, and so on... except I strongly agree with his policies on defense and security and more funding and support for the armed forces. This is because I'm alarmed by the rate at which China and Russia are not just catching up but surpassing us in some areas. USS Donald Cook incident in the Black Sea is a perfect example, or Russian cruisers demonstrating missile capabilities in Syria that only US destroyers possess.

But I have advocated this before (can post links from comments on this board if you need proof) - that the reason for the Korean War no longer exists. There is no cold war between ideologies like capitalism and communism. Both sides have tempered their approach and taken the best parts from the other ideology like free markets in China and social safety nets (humane capitalism) in places like Europe and Canada. Therefore, there is no reason not to end the armistice - and officially end the Korean War with a peace declaration. But that will not be enough - because of what happened to Gaddafi and Saddam after they gave up their WMD... Kim is not stupid and will fear for his life and regime change activities by the US. We have to sign a No-War Pact with NK to guarantee the regime's survival - we cannot play a double game here.

In exchange, we can ask for freer communication channels, open trade between the north and the south, cultural reunification between families torn apart, and a common, unified economic integration plan to help the NK people with their standard of living. Almost 70% of the NK people have parasital worms in their intestines... believe it or not... due to poor nutritional standards and medical facilities - people are afraid to go to hospitals because they fear that it's the hospital that will kill them. The leadership sucks, but it's not the peoples' fault, brainwashed as they are. If we consider ourselves to be enlightened global citizens then it's our responsibility to help them.

This will help everyone. The NK people, the regime (that can direct its resources elsewhere instead of nukes and defense - hopefully to help their people - and honestly I don't care if a few of their top officials skim off the top for fatter pockets) and South Korea for security. Most importantly it will help the greater good - the US will not need 40K troops in SK, the DMZ will disappear. It will unite Korea in hearts and minds.

Trump can make this happen. The situation reminds me of Rooseveldt. He is often quoted as having said, "Speak softly, and carry a big stick." Trump did the latter... forget about the former, heheh. But what is not quoted as often is what Rooseveldt said next, "If you grab them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow." Trump did that.

Let's hope he doesn't get into a fight with Kim or blow this historic opportunity. But I really admire the courage and just good horse sense to meet face to face and end this unnecessary war.


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