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Evening all.

Where to begin?

Well, it's with arseholes. More specifically, the arsehole-like behaviour that has proliferated on this particular board over the past 12 or so months.

The moderating team has had enough of it. As per Graham's stated moderation policy, we have resisted from intervening, in the hope that grown men and women would cease regressing to kindergarteners.

Alas, this has not happened. The chaos that has unfolded in the past year on GV, to be frank, shames us all.

So, we are drawing a line here and now.

Begin treating each other with respect. Or don't post. It really is that simple.

Which brings me onto the issue of trolling. I have had a number of emails from members in the past year, complaining about trolls. Which is fine. That is precisely the kind of thing that the mods are here for. I have replied in all cases with fairly sensible advice, which is of course 'don't feed the troll.' In most cases that advice has been roundly ignored, and the poster in question, instead of starving said troll, has invited it to a 16 course banquet, followed by a quick trip to the vomitorium, swiftly followed by another 16 courses.

And then...the mods get blamed, for allowing all this terrible, awful hideousness to happen.

Take responsibility for yourselves, ladies and gents. That is Graham's fondest wish. If you behave like arseholes - don't blame us. Take a good look in the mirror.

That being said...

The level of trolling here by a small group of members is out of control. It doesn't help that they get what they want out of practically every single interaction, which is what I was referring to above.


After discussion, we are dealing with 3 of the worst offenders. They are not going to be named and shamed. I will be emailing each one of them shortly. Two of those concerned will have their accounts suspended for six months. The third will never be coming back. Ever.

Each one of these members has brought this upon themselves. We have watched from a distance, hoping that that to be blunt, they would cut the s**t, but it has not happened.

So, here we are.

Added to the trolling, there is the issue of somewhat repugnant views that are being normalised in particularly dank corners of the internet. They are starting to crop up here. So, the door is being slammed on them. As of right now.

Anyone who thinks of dragging them in here, will be dealt with. Be warned. We have had enough of it.

Now, in reaction to this, some members here will start harping on about freedom of speech like a toddler dropped into a civics class, and honestly not understanding what the hell is going on. So remember - with freedom comes responsibility. Far too many of us want plenty of the former, and are not particularly interested in the latter.

We are sorry that it's come to this. But if necessary, we will be extending this cull. Please bear that in mind, before you hit the post button

Posting here is a privilege. Consider this particular post a reminder of that.

And...start behaving like reasonable human beings, please. So we can all enjoy the benefits of this site.



Nobody talks more of free enterprise and competition and of the best man winning, than the man who inherited his father's store or farm. - C. Wright Mills

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