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Ok everyone, time to calm down. This post is not directed to any one member, but to all.

It is coming up to Christmas, with the spirit of good will and all that jazz. The amount of personalisation and attacking one another on this forum in particular is getting beyond a joke, and you are all showing yourselves up.

This has been a shocking of a year, with shifts in the geopolitical landscape that to some are damn right frightening and to others pregnant with promises and possibilities of a better future. All here are entitled to their opinions, and right at this moment in time, are afforded the basic human rights to express those opinions. And of course no one expects everyone here to agree with these opinions. What we do expect, is for all involved to engage with each other civilly and cordially, and not like they are pre-teens on a school yard.

That is, if you do not agree with a person's particular political or personal view, then do not attack them, do not engage in name calling, do not involve member's of their families, do not try to vilify them (that's a word I had to look up!). There is a line in the CoC that is very pertinent... "Ignorance is better treated with knowledge than ridicule." if you feel that some member's view point is ignorant, then explain why this viewpoint is ignorant, DO NOT try to insinuate that the person is an ignoramus. Throwing insults back and forth will not solve any geopolitical problems or educate people to the errors of their views. However, taking time to address the topic at hand, with well constructed arguments, and reasoned critique at least has a chance of changing a persons viewpoint.

It is true that the moderation of this site has changed, as per the instructions of Graham. Graham's hope is that all member's should be able to moderate themselves. The general view is that the vast majority of members who post here are intelligent, good and decent adult human beings, who should know how to conduct themselves with decorum. If you are engaging in cyber-brawling, you are just showing yourselves up. You are all better than this. You do not need a moderator to smack your wrists and tell you how you should behave. I am pretty sure that no-one here is nine years old. If you all want to act like a nine year old then go right ahead, it is only yourself that you are showing up for all the internet to see.

You may not see eye-to-eye, but that doesn't mean you should be playing eye-for-an-eye. So try to be civil. I know that tempers can flare, we are only human of course. But my advice is this, dont post angry. You do not have to click that post button right away. take time, breathe, have a coffee, or a cigarette if you are so inclined. Play a game of solitaire. Hug your kids. Stroke (or kick) your cat! Whatever! But just calm down before you hit post, and use that button marked "delete" if you have written anything that is mean spirited. That is self moderation!

You can use this site for good, for the exploration of ideas, and maybe change people's views and prejudices, and maybe change the world for better a little bit at a time. Or just totally waste the potential of this site by cyber-brawling... Isn't it a privilege that most of us have the freedom to choose!


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