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Ratcho Wrote:
> I never said anything about shooting protesters at
> Ferguson...ever - unlike you who called for nuking
> the ME and now killing of scores of American
> citizens who are protesting an obvious travesty of
> justice.

I never said "nuke the ME". With modern conventional weapons, that's totally unnecessary. I have no problem with a massive assault against ISIS, though. They are a global threat that must be dealt with by a variety of means, including militarily.

These clowns can protest--peacefully. That's within their rights. But once you start waving guns around, it's no longer peaceful. Peaceful would have been a sit in or some such.

They want the benefits of living in modern society without the responsibility that comes with it. They truly believe the law does not apply to them.

You obviously haven't read the history of
> what led to this or statements made by former BLM
> employee who confirms that many previous wildfires
> occurred, from other ranchers AND THE BLM, and no
> charges laid.

Irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that the Hammonds didn't ask for any help from these clowns and they had no right to just try to take over government property. THAT is the salient fact. The ends do not justify the means. If they're so upset, they have recourse through their elected officials and the courts.

> 5 years for a wildfire - you are crazy if you
> believe this is reasonable.

I didn't say it was reasonable, but that is what the statute called for. That's why they're being sent back. I was pointing out the difference between a normal fire and a wildfire.

It is less than 1/2 of
> 1% of the 23,000 acres involved here and this
> family has crazing rights going way back and
> confirmed with the State of Oregon...if you were
> aware of any facts here. Ignorance becomes you.

Having grazing rights doesn't mean you can set it on fire, for God's sake. The BLM can do that. Not people who are renting the land for a profit.

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