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For the discussion of general and orthodox history from the advent of writing up to mid 20th Century, i.e. 3,200BC up to World War II. 
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I tried searching but got nothing useful on the forums I haven't done a deep dive on google yet but I was hoping maybe somewhere on here was what I was searching for. I understand that history is ever changing in what we know but currently is there any where that I can easily find a timeline for the greastest civilizations, Specificially the eancient one such as Egypt, China, Babylon the really old stuff. Is there a database of historical events online somewhere that I can query of just a big long list of things that happened. I'm looking for historical events that line up with biblical events. I am theorizing that a lot of the event in the prophetic books of the Bible have already occurred but not all. There was an event in the 19th century of million and millions of falling stars kinda sounds like the Book of Revelation to me. You have the long day recorded in the Bible with another event echoing in tales from China about a long night where the sun did not come up. My theory is that many of the events can be found in historical accounts and that although we think of the bible as pretty much being quite for 2000 years it has actually been telling us what is about to happen the whole time we just didn't have the perspective.

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